How customized pillows can make you sleep better


If anyone says that they don’t like sleeping, I will be shocked. Well, not because it is my favorite thing to do, but because sleeping is the best medicine to get rid of all the troubles at least for 5 hours. Sleeping is indeed a vital action in our life. While sleeping, the body goes into somewhat hibernation mode where it tries to relax and prepares itself for the next day. That’s the basic essence. But what happens if, the body isn’t relaxed?

Your next morning won’t be that sweet. Isn’t it?

That is why, being comfortable while sleeping is very much essential for us. But, while sleeping, we unconsciously move and may assume a position which can create tension in our body muscles. This is especially true for neck region where a slight change in angle can yield unwanted headache, stiffness next morning.

This is why custom pillows are increasing popularity in recent times which does address this very issue. Customized pillows support your neck in such a way that, it prevents any tension in the area and keeps the body relaxed. Since, different people sleep differently, this customization is very essential. Some one likes to sleep on their back, some likes to sleep with stomach against the bed as such.

No one pillow can give the comfort level for all the cases. As there is involvement of different angles of spinal cord in sleeping position, each has to be addressed differently. In a position that you may feel comfortable, another person may not feel the same. Hence, whatever pillow that you are using and be comfortable, probably that same pillow won’t be suitable for the other person. Result? While you’ll have a good sleep with that pillow, the other person will struggle to shape it to his/her needs.

Hence customization gives an opportunity to each and everyone by addressing these lit quarks which may seem very insignificant on superficial level yet, can lead to big changes.

The optimal angle for sleeping is indeed varies from person to person but with this customization, you get the support that you need. For people sleeping in the sideways, a puffy pillow will balance the body against the bed along with restricting movements which may be painful for the person in the next person.

Similarly, a person sleeping on his stomach against the bed, a flat pillow will distribute his weight throughout evenly so that no stress is accumulated in any part of the body.

This weight distribution and support mechanism plays a vital role. It enables the person, to not to get misaligned even when they are asleep. Not to mention, these spreading of weights will prevent the body pain receptors getting triggered so that, next morning, you can start the day fresh.

That’s why the sleep industry is focusing its attention on customized products where it will enable the customers to choose what is best for them. Companies such as even provide customized pillows to address this very issue thus benefiting the lives of many people. Gone are the days when pillows were made fit to all. New technology has arrived where it has made. Possible to address individual needs making sleeping…. A better and more comfortable experience.