Slateplate Slate cheese serving tray give away

It is our distinct pleasure today to be able to share with you all a product near and dear to our hearts. In an exclusive giveaway we will be able to present three lucky people with genuine slateplates!

For the uninformed, the slate plates come courtesy of slateplate. Slateplate is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of slate into what becomes gorgeous food serving platters. We were first turned on to their product several years ago, and decided to try some slate out at our next musical. We ordered several trays by which to plate our catered goods. The slate serving tray were an instant hit! The plates can be kept hot or cold depending on the food it’s serving. They also do a wonderful job of really making the food stand out. As you can see, they’re a beautiful steely black and that makes the food, especially colorful food, stand out against the slate’s dark backdrop – and it’s really no surprise why restaurants like to use them as beautiful plateware. There’s actually more that goes into choosing what tableware a restaurant may need than you think: dinnerware guide for chefs. Any time we get the opportunity to host food at a musical now, we’re never without our slateplates!

The slates are 100% chip free under normal care (don’t drop them, though!), dishwasher safe, and, of course, free of any harmful oils or chemicals that would negatively impact food consumption since they are sealed with food safe mineral oil. They even have acrylic feet, instead of typical cork feet, in order to maintain the ability to heat and wash them without negative impact.

You can find more about their product, how to make a cheese board, how to clean at SlatePlate’s website.

Between us, their slateplates are wonderful for many uses beyond just serving dishes. They’re a great addition to any modern decorator’s repository.. They’ve got a class about them that fits well into any room. Modern, rustic, luxurious, and everything in between. They’re even able to be engraved! Anything you want, literally anything, they have the ability to engrave on their slate. Your favorite musical logo, your name, a picture of your family. They even provide chalk with their slate so that you can write on it for unique, one-time only purposes.

Not only that, but slateplate is a worthy company of our support. They’re a domestic company, based out of a town called Garner, in North Carolina. Even more impressive is that they’re owned by a woman, which is something incredibly rare in the manufacturing industry. We’d encourage everyone, especially those who unfortunately don’t win the giveaway, to at least check them out and peruse their products and information at
In order to enter the giveaway, make sure to attend our next hosted musical, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time, on February 21st-24th! We’ll have some slateplates there that you can check out, as well as some free food that will be served on the slate, and we’ll have ballots available for any and everyone to enter the giveaway. We’ll randomly be selecting three winners after the 24th and we’ll be in contact about shipping you your slateplates! We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!