All about Pink Dinnerware


People today will not be finding any shortage of dinnerware with them being made available in different sizes, shapes and form even in the internet like Aside from their materials, color also plays a very important role in choosing dinnerware and is often used to help represent as well as reinforce a theme or setting that buyers are looking for. One of the popular colors that have been growing in popularity is pink. Pink dinnerware has received its fair share of the spotlight over the years and for a good reason.


Why Choose Pink

Pink is often used to represent caring, compassion and love. They are also used to sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness making them popular to a huge number of women. Using pink dinnerware makes these items a bit more endearing while at the same time helps stand out from the rest of the crowd. First impression is lasting and this is what pink dinnerware is usually good at doing. You can impress your guests while at the same time making lunch or dinnertime more exciting making others look forward to the food that you will be serving to them.


Where to Look for Pink Dinnerware


Pink dinnerware is not that common when compared to their other dinnerware counterparts. As a result, you may need to speed a good amount of time in order to secure them. Most shoppers were able to find a great number of pink dinnerware over the internet. It is good to hear that many dinnerware stores have setup and integrated their services over the internet. This in turn allows customers to purchase dinnerware at their very own leisure and pace. Customers will also be able to browse from their huge selection allowing them to choose dinnerware colors which include pink. As a result, a huge amount of time and resources are saved during their search.

Another option is to order custom dinnerware that will be able to fit your preference and needs. A lot of store owners give their customers the ability to order dinnerware the way they want it to be. There is also the option to add custom prints with these types of dinnerware further expanding the customizability of the items.

Pink is indeed a unique and exciting color to choose for dinnerware. As mentioned earlier, they can be a bit harder to find so it is best to start early with your search. Find pink dinnerware today!

Take Out Restaurant Etiquette: What You Should Know When Getting Restaurant Food To Go

Do Unto Others…

Take-out restaurant cashiers arguably work as hard as their better-tipped waistaff co-workers. While the degree of what they do varies from restaurant to restaurant, take-out cashiers are always doing the same thing as a server does: serving you. They pack your food, give you utensils, provide any special requests, and make sure you are happ with your order.

Check Your Order

First of all, check your order. Take-out cashiers are only human. Mistakes happen. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you check your order first. Sometimes, management in restaurants won’t change your order once you’ve walked out the door. There’s no way to prove you didn’t get something once you leave. By checking your order while still at the register, the cashier can accommodate additional requests and can change any mistakes in the order that is the fault of the restaurant.

Please Silence All Cell Phones

Turn off your cell phone. You cannot walk up to the cashier and expect her to help you while you simultaneous carry on another conversation. It’s rude and counterproductive to getting your order right. If you place an order, then get on your cell phone, your cashier will not be able to communicate with you if something needs to be asked or a modification made. Besides all of those things, it’s simply bad etiquette to walk in a restaurant and run your mouth on the phone.

Be Considerate

Don’t start fussing at the cashier if your order is not ready in five minutes. She isn’t cooking it. She can’t make stoves cook faster than they do, either. If you don’t like to wait, call your order in and give it a couple of minutes past the estimated preparation time. If you come in yelling at the cashier about how you’re double parked, don’t expect a lot of empathy. If you request a hurried order, do it in a polite way. The cashier has little control over the speediness of the order. Don’t resent her if she is showing effort.

Confirm Your Order

Listen to the cashier as she confirms your order. Don’t silence her or interrupt her. Since error is only human–and sometimes you misspeak like everybody else–repeating the order and confirming it is necessary to providing good service. Ask for confirmation in a polite way if it’s not automatically done. That way, you both can rest assured that the order has a greater chance of being just the way you like it.

The Tipping Question

Many people do not tip on take-out. However, the cashier often depends on the tips as a part of her estimated salary. Being paid close to minimum wage (or at it), the cashier likely depends on tips received to pay her bills. Tipping on take-out is customary at ten percent. More for an excellent job is always much appreciated.

How customized pillows can make you sleep better


If anyone says that they don’t like sleeping, I will be shocked. Well, not because it is my favorite thing to do, but because sleeping is the best medicine to get rid of all the troubles at least for 5 hours. Sleeping is indeed a vital action in our life. While sleeping, the body goes into somewhat hibernation mode where it tries to relax and prepares itself for the next day. That’s the basic essence. But what happens if, the body isn’t relaxed?

Your next morning won’t be that sweet. Isn’t it?

That is why, being comfortable while sleeping is very much essential for us. But, while sleeping, we unconsciously move and may assume a position which can create tension in our body muscles. This is especially true for neck region where a slight change in angle can yield unwanted headache, stiffness next morning.

This is why custom pillows are increasing popularity in recent times which does address this very issue. Customized pillows support your neck in such a way that, it prevents any tension in the area and keeps the body relaxed. Since, different people sleep differently, this customization is very essential. Some one likes to sleep on their back, some likes to sleep with stomach against the bed as such.

No one pillow can give the comfort level for all the cases. As there is involvement of different angles of spinal cord in sleeping position, each has to be addressed differently. In a position that you may feel comfortable, another person may not feel the same. Hence, whatever pillow that you are using and be comfortable, probably that same pillow won’t be suitable for the other person. Result? While you’ll have a good sleep with that pillow, the other person will struggle to shape it to his/her needs.

Hence customization gives an opportunity to each and everyone by addressing these lit quarks which may seem very insignificant on superficial level yet, can lead to big changes.

The optimal angle for sleeping is indeed varies from person to person but with this customization, you get the support that you need. For people sleeping in the sideways, a puffy pillow will balance the body against the bed along with restricting movements which may be painful for the person in the next person.

Similarly, a person sleeping on his stomach against the bed, a flat pillow will distribute his weight throughout evenly so that no stress is accumulated in any part of the body.

This weight distribution and support mechanism plays a vital role. It enables the person, to not to get misaligned even when they are asleep. Not to mention, these spreading of weights will prevent the body pain receptors getting triggered so that, next morning, you can start the day fresh.

That’s why the sleep industry is focusing its attention on customized products where it will enable the customers to choose what is best for them. Companies such as even provide customized pillows to address this very issue thus benefiting the lives of many people. Gone are the days when pillows were made fit to all. New technology has arrived where it has made. Possible to address individual needs making sleeping…. A better and more comfortable experience.


Slateplate Slate cheese serving tray give away

It is our distinct pleasure today to be able to share with you all a product near and dear to our hearts. In an exclusive giveaway we will be able to present three lucky people with genuine slateplates!

For the uninformed, the slate plates come courtesy of slateplate. Slateplate is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of slate into what becomes gorgeous food serving platters. We were first turned on to their product several years ago, and decided to try some slate out at our next musical. We ordered several trays by which to plate our catered goods. The slate serving tray were an instant hit! The plates can be kept hot or cold depending on the food it’s serving. They also do a wonderful job of really making the food stand out. As you can see, they’re a beautiful steely black and that makes the food, especially colorful food, stand out against the slate’s dark backdrop – and it’s really no surprise why restaurants like to use them as beautiful plateware. There’s actually more that goes into choosing what tableware a restaurant may need than you think: dinnerware guide for chefs. Any time we get the opportunity to host food at a musical now, we’re never without our slateplates!

The slates are 100% chip free under normal care (don’t drop them, though!), dishwasher safe, and, of course, free of any harmful oils or chemicals that would negatively impact food consumption since they are sealed with food safe mineral oil. They even have acrylic feet, instead of typical cork feet, in order to maintain the ability to heat and wash them without negative impact.

You can find more about their product, how to make a cheese board, how to clean at SlatePlate’s website.

Between us, their slateplates are wonderful for many uses beyond just serving dishes. They’re a great addition to any modern decorator’s repository.. They’ve got a class about them that fits well into any room. Modern, rustic, luxurious, and everything in between. They’re even able to be engraved! Anything you want, literally anything, they have the ability to engrave on their slate. Your favorite musical logo, your name, a picture of your family. They even provide chalk with their slate so that you can write on it for unique, one-time only purposes.

Not only that, but slateplate is a worthy company of our support. They’re a domestic company, based out of a town called Garner, in North Carolina. Even more impressive is that they’re owned by a woman, which is something incredibly rare in the manufacturing industry. We’d encourage everyone, especially those who unfortunately don’t win the giveaway, to at least check them out and peruse their products and information at
In order to enter the giveaway, make sure to attend our next hosted musical, The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time, on February 21st-24th! We’ll have some slateplates there that you can check out, as well as some free food that will be served on the slate, and we’ll have ballots available for any and everyone to enter the giveaway. We’ll randomly be selecting three winners after the 24th and we’ll be in contact about shipping you your slateplates! We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

Sunburn Music Event Review

“It was incredible”, “Fun”, “Awesome”, “WOOOOHOOO!!” – Those are my reactions to the sunburn music event that was held in my college for the first time ever BUT did I tell you that I got a chance to be on the management team?! YES! It was the most fantastic thing I have ever been a part of. Most of all, it was a grand success and a huge token of appreciation was given to the entire team. Ok, let me calm down a bit and tell you how the best music jam started and how it ended. It was around December that my college was gearing up for this amazing fest which we have every year. Someone gave out an idea saying we can call up sunburn this time and that’s it. The decision was made in an hour and the work started literally that moment. We formed selective teams for specific work. The marketing team did their best , I have to admit. Within 3 days, entire city knew about it and banners were hoarded all along. With this scenario we had the level of expectation set at another level.

The section is booked, the stage is set with superior lights. The creative and gigantic mascots that we set  up were the best attraction. Super brand sponsors backed up the gig. Red carpet and the photo section area was all set for this spectacular evening. The event started up with the firework and there comes the sunburnnnnn! The roar of the crowd waved up at once and you can see all the hands in the air. The thundering music spreads around the whole campus, the lights stuttering along with the beat. The music madness kept us all on the toes. Dancing through the rhythm, the evening passes by memorable.

If you want me to describe the whole experience in one sentence that I would describe it as – “The smile on our faces speaks for itself.” We were utterly pumped up for this life time experience, one of the best days of our college life.

Enjoyable Restaurant Dining for Families: How to Dine out at Restaurants With Kids Without Stress

Dining at a child-friendly restaurant is highly recommended for families with young children. However, it’s not always possible to eat at restaurants with playgrounds, paper and crayons or ultra friendly staff.

Still, families can have enjoyable restaurant dining experiences if they go fully prepared. Here are some suggestions on how to dine out at restaurants with kids without stress.

Keep Kids Amused at Restaurant

Kids have very short attention span. When forced to wait for their food, they may grumble incessantly and become a nuisance to other diners. To prevent that, keep them amused until their food arrives. Bring along coloring materials that won’t stain table cloths, quiet toys or small puzzle games for older children. Pack some healthy snacks too just in case the food takes longer than expected to arrive.

Choose a Quiet Location Inside Restaurant

A quiet corner inside the restaurant or an out-of-the way location will be ideal for families with kids. It provides privacy and the kids are less likely to run into busy waiters and waitresses carrying hot food and drinks. To ensure the family gets a quiet table, call ahead to book or arrive early at the restaurant.

Supervise Kids Closely When Dining Out

To keep children safe, parents should supervise them closely when dining out at restaurants, especially when they have to visit the washroom. Accompany children younger than 10 or have an adult waiting outside while a child uses the toilet. Alternatively, send two or three children together to the toilet. Tell them to enter and leave together. Teach them not to talk to strangers and yell loudly for help if approached by strangers in unusual circumstances.

Allow Children to Order Their Own Food

Children are likely to enjoy restaurant dining more if they can order their own food. Parents who don’t want to give kids too much freedom in choosing their food can give them several healthy options to choose from. Also, ask for children’s food to be delivered first. When they finish, get the waiter to clear their part of the table so that they can continue with their little games and coloring while Mum and Dad enjoy their meal in peace.

Order Appetizers as Meals

Children can’t eat a lot and many restaurants have very limited kids’ menus. So why not order appetizers as meals instead? The portions are smaller and more varieties can be sampled. It will be more casual but certainly more fun too!

Stay Calm at all Times

Try to stay calm when kids are around at the restaurant. If Little Johnny drops a piece of chicken on the floor or Rosie spills a drink, let it go. Don’t get upset over things like this. Just smile, stay cool and ask the waiter to clean up a bit.

However, if a baby or toddler gets very cranky and starts wailing uncontrollably, be prepared to leave the table or even the restaurant for a short while. Walk around nearby shops or take the child to see something interesting. The change of environment and distraction can help restore her mood.

Parents need to be ready if they wish to have an enjoyable restaurant dining experience with their kids. Pack games and coloring materials to keep them amused while waiting, choose a table at a quiet location, supervise kids closely, allow children to order their own food, order appetizers as meals and stay calm no matter what happens.

Choosing Good Family Restaurants: What Makes an Ideal Restaurant for Families with Kids

When dining out with kids, choosing a good family restaurant that caters to all the needs of young children is crucial. What makes an ideal restaurant for families with young kids? What do parents need to do? Here are some ideas for parents.

Choose Child-Friendly Restaurants

Waiting is a big part of restaurant dining. Diners typically have to wait to have their orders taken, wait for the food to arrive and wait to pay for their food. All this waiting is certainly no fun for kids. So be sure to choose child-friendly restaurants that provide coloring placemats, crayons or pencils that can keep children amused while waiting for their food. Colorful and child-sized utensils will enhance restaurant dining experience for young kids too.

If there is a baby in the family, make sure the restaurant provides high chairs and has ample space to move a pram around or put a baby bassinet on. Get the names of child-friendly restaurants from friends and families or do a quick Internet search to find a kid-friendly family restaurant.

Ensure Children’s Menu is Available

Many restaurants have a children’s menu. If unsure, call ahead to ask if it is available. However, kids’ menus tend to be quite limited and the kids may not be able to find something they like. In that case, ask the waiter if the kids can choose from the standard menu but have the meal prepared in a smaller portion. Parents of children with food allergies will also need to ensure that the restaurant they plan to dine in can cater for them.

Look for Restaurants With Friendly Staff

Word of mouth is crucial here as personal experience is the only way to tell if a restaurant truly have friendly and helpful staff. Some restaurants have waiters and waitresses who genuinely enjoy serving young children and take the time to amuse them. Some family restaurants even have mascots or clowns, a sure hit with kids.

Ask About Busy Times at Restaurant

When a restaurant is crammed full until the noise level is intolerable, the kids will start to get very cranky too. So It’s always wise to dine out with kids when the restaurant is quieter. Call ahead to ask what the busiest and quietest times are. Book the family table situated at a quiet corner when there are not that many diners around.

To enjoy restaurant dining with kids, parents must choose a good family restaurant. Go to one that comes with child-friendly facilities and services, a children’s menu or standard dishes that can be modified for smaller eaters as well as friendly, helpful staff. Parents should also pick a quieter time to dine at the restaurant.